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Peet A Lock

Unlock the fun and help Peet get to the bathroom in Peet a Lock - the ultimate lockpicking game! Guide Peet through the toughest challenge of his life - a locked bathroom door! With your lockpicking skills, you must tap the screen to hit highlighted spots as a line moves in a circle. With each level, the challenge increases as more spots are required to be hit. But beware - if you fail to unlock the door by mistiming your tap, Peet loses control and poops himself. Don't let that happen! With your help, Peet can finally make it to the bathroom and take care of business. With its hilarious gameplay and addictive mechanics, Peet a Lock is the perfect game for anyone looking for a laugh and a challenge. And with endless levels, you'll never run out of fun. So play Peet a Lock now and unlock the fun in the ultimate lockpicking game!

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